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Spartan Apps was started by Arslan Hajdarevic in 2013 and has become one of the world’s most popular fitness apps. Known, for it’s extremely difficult workouts, Spartan apps has attracted users of all ages and fitness levels, but all who have one common goal – to push themselves to be the best version of themselves. The Spartan apps team, currently 13 dedicated individuals, is humbled to make a difference in so many people’s lives.

Spartan Apps aspires to continue to leverage technology to build workouts that are customized for each user’s goals and fitness levels, and to create a global community that encourages each other to push forward. We are excited to bring the world together and be a part of a healthier future!

8 unique apps are available in the Apple and Google Play stores

Prominent Features:

Downloads: 5M

Monthly Active Users: 500K


Dave Rogosky

Dave Rogosky Dave Rogosky is a financial analyst with over 20 years of experience performing financial planning and analysis; treasury; and accounting services with exposure to multiple facets of operations.
During his career, Dave has served as a financial advisor for a variety of companies across a broad spectrum of industries in both public and private equity environments including: dental manufacturing, retail, wholesale, education, footwear, apparel, and mutual funds.
Dave has a passion for fitness, and is a strong believer that apps will connect the world in ways never seen before. Dave is committed to helping people in all corners of the world achieve their fitness goals through the Spartan Apps.


Arslan Hajdarević

Dave Rogosky Arslan Hajdarevic is the co-creator of the Spartan Apps. Having built his first video game at age 11 and started making money on apps at age 15, Arslan is a programming wizard and serial entrepreneur. Arslan has since made several hundred thousand dollars through building apps, and has devoted the last five years of his life making the Spartan Apps what they are today. Arslan is a visionary who wants the Spartan Apps to be the number 1 fitness brand in the app store, by executing on the three pillars of the company's mission: customization, engagement, and value.
After his co-founder did not have the same grand vision, Arslan decided to partner with Dave, who shares Arslan's ambition to make the Spartan Apps the best fitness apps in the world.


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