How to track calories and reach your desired weight

Most athletes don’t track their calories and it seems that they are not grasping how much it benefits their training, and performance. Fighters tend to track their calories more because they have weight class to make, but sometimes they focus too much on the number of calories they will intake instead of focusing on the quality of groceries. As a Fighter it is very difficult to lose too much time thinking about every aspect of preparation for a fight, but this part you should take seriously. Your health and performance can be seriously improved just by using a simple app function to calculate your calories.

How to use Spartan Apps nutrition?

This application is made to be simple and with many features that can help you reach your goals. It tracks your weight and calculates a recommended daily calorie intake. When you open the application it will require some basic information from you like current weight, height and your desired weight. After you type in your information, you can choose your weekly goals (How much weight you want to lose/gain in a week). 

When you are finished with this part, Spartan Apps allows you to set your calories and Macro goals. To make the input easier you can customize your meals so you don’t have to search for your food calories each time you eat. One of the best features that you can use is a barcode scanner which allows you to scan your food and it will give you all the information about the food you just consumed and it can save you time if you are not willing to type on your phone. 

Buying a kitchen scale

A kitchen scale is a very useful tool for achieving ideal weight. It will allow you to weigh your food before you eat it, and you will know exactly how many calories you ate that day. You can find it in almost every electrical store. It’s price may vary from 20$ to 50$, but I think that the cheapest ones work just the same as the most expensive ones. You can use kitchen scale when you prepare home cooked meals, and you can weigh all the food that you prepared. When you input the weight of the food you just ate, the application will convert that into calories and add it to your daily calorie intake.

How can calorie tracking affect my performance

Tracking calorie intake makes you aware of what you are eating. When you write down what you eat on a regular basis it can force you to confront what you are putting into your body. If you have been eating too much sugar or bread you will notice that weight doesn’t go down as planned, so you will probably try to change your eating habits which will make your weight go down easier and your performance will improve. It can also show you if you are under eating. There are probably many more cases where athletes or regular people are over-eating, but it isn’t uncommon for people to under eat. Eating too few calories to support your training may lead to decreased metabolism, increased body fat and decreased overall performance. Tracking calories helps you keep track of daily macro levels. It can help you learn about yourself and your habits and it will give you basic  knowledge about nutrition. Later you will probably learn how to track your calories by yourself and you will be able to control the amount of food you put into your body.  

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