Why meal notifications

The difference between a winner and a loser is persistence. If you are persistent enough you can reach any goal, even if it would be to lose weight or gain weight. 

You need to trick your brain into creating a habit. Let’s stop here for a second and define what is actually a habit. Habits are automatic behaviours which come natural to you, it could be eating unhealthy every day, then you will have a habit to eat unhealthy which will cause major health issues, or you can create a healthy habit by tracking what you eat, exercinng, sleeping enough and leading a healthy lifestyle.

This is where the notifications come in play, we have given you the tool to train your brain to be healthy. Simply configure the notifications and create your habit.

How do I pick the right time?

Everyone is unique, try to find the best time which fits you for your meals and set the reminder for that timing.

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